FIRESTORM - The First 12 Hours

We are currently in production of a feature documentary about the recent fires in Northern California. 

  • We have assembled a crew including an award winning journalist and an award winning film editor.

  • We have drafted a comprehensive business plan.

  • We have conducted over 15 interviews of subject-matter experts, public officials, first responders and fire victims.

  • We are seeking raw footage shot by those fleeing the fire in the early stages. 

  • We are seeking $80,000 in funding, through grant donations and fundraising campaigns. Click here to help fund this film: 

Rendering Hope

Habitat for Humanity puts good will, sweat equity and responsibility into action to build homes, communities and hope.

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that provides strong and stable homes to help build strong and stable communities. Through a series of interviews and images this compelling, cohesive, and well-crafted short film highlights the positive impact that Habitat for Humanity has in the community. In addition to interviews of Habitat for Humanity staff a Habitat for Humanity architect describes how the homes are designed to be economically constructed and uncomplicated to provide for “sweat equity” from volunteer labor.

The Market

This is the first part of a four part series - The Market, The Jam, The Musicians and the The Magic - about the juxtaposition between the regulars showing up at a weekly bluegrass jam-session and the small-town community market where they play.

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